Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wecome to The 50s Style Wedding Blog!

Hello, and welcome to The 50s Style Wedding Blog.

I have become obsessed with 50s style weddings since organising my own in June this year! I have therefore decided to put my compulsion to good use in the form of a 50s wedding blog which will be a place of inspiration for 50s style brides to be.

Please get in touch if you have had or are planning a 50s style wedding and would be happy to share your photos and story with like minded brides. Also if you offer services specifically suited to a 50s themed wedding which will make for interesting reading/viewing please get in touch.


  1. I'm so glad I've found you Rainbow Retro. I'm planning my own 50's inspired wedding in March 2010, and I'll definitely be checking your blog often.

  2. Brilliant, I love your blog! I'd love to see pics of your wedding :)

  3. Hi!
    What a lovely idea to make a 50s style wedding blog! We got married in june and I searched for blogs like this but did not find many, it's great inspiraton för couples who are getting married and want a 50sa theme.

    I'll be happy to share photos and our story!

  4. Hi Caroline, I'd love to see your photos in view to posting them, could you drop me an email on the50sweddingblog@ntlworld.com?
    Thanks x

  5. Hi

    Great idea. I am planning my own 50's inspired wedding for June 2011. Have created a blog specially so I can join in here! :-) fab ideas.

  6. Hi

    I have created a blog just so I can join in the fun. I am planning a 50s inspired wedding for June 2011 and love the ideas shown here. I have some ideas already but would be great to hear any more.

  7. Thanks Hobbs, be sure to show us all your pics after your wedding :D

  8. Hi

    Still getting my head around this place. Will post up pics of ideas or fun stuff Ive seen.

  9. I am planning my 50's style wedding in Vegas for December 31, 2009. Do you have any ideas for favors, centerpieces, cake decorations, wedding invitations, etc? I am not trying to spend a lot of money. :)

  10. Hi Kristen, sounds fab!

    If you want to drop me an email at the50sweddingblog@ntlworld.com I will email you some of my money saving tips for all these bits!

    Also keep an eye on the blog as I will be posting on all of these topics soon :)

  11. What a great blog!

    I love love love the 50s thing. I always imagined my wedding to have a 50s theme too and christmas eve a few days ago the darling man popped the question indeedy.

    No date set yet - but it will be a 50s wedding in the upcoming year!


  12. Congratulations LittleMissBossy! Be sure to send me your pics :) Cute blog x

  13. I will most certainly!

    I love love love your personal pics - actually I am planning to wear a headpiece like yours!!! That's how I found your blog - it is mentioned on etsy, I spotted it when I was looking for a bow birdcage veil!
    Could I maybe see more piccies of your lovely wedding?

    I am in big planning with dolly cotoure about my dress!

  14. Ooh lovely! If you want to send me an email at the50sweddingblog@ntlworld.com I'll send you some more pics and info :)