Friday, 27 August 2010

Wedding Anniversary Shoot

50s wedding

It's hard to believe it's been well over a year now since my own 50s style wedding! When the lovely Leanne from Without Equal Photography contacted us to arrange an anniversary shoot how could we refuse!

All those wedding day memories came flooding back as we dressed in our 50s finest and headed to the spot where we had our orignal wedding shoot. I wore the Betsey from Honeypie Boutique and chose to add a splash of red as this colour had been banned on our actual wedding day due to football allegiances!!

50s wedding dress

Leanne and Ricahrd did a fab job of capturing our vintage theme and had even managed to get hold of an original 50s picnic set, radio and newspaper for the shoot. You can check out their website by visiting

50s style wedding

To buy the dress worn in the shoot at a discounted price click here!