Friday, 30 October 2009

50s Wedding Veils and Fascinators

50s veils and fascinators

If you're planning on wearing a 50s style wedding dress, then you may also be looking for something other than a standard veil. From birdcage veils to feather fascinators, there are plenty of stunning hair pieces out there to help you complete that retro look.

1 Feather fascinator Pinup Girl Clothing, 2 Birdcage veil Velvet Owl, 3 Pillbox hat Boring Sidney, 4 Bow hairband Talulah Rose, 5 Birdcage veil Velvet Owl, 6 Rose fascinator Pinup Girl Clothing, 7 Sinamay flower fascinator Pink Tigers Den, 8 Birdcage veil Brenda's Bridal Veils


  1. LOVE! I can't find the Tallulah Rose veil in her shop - does she sell it somewhere besides Etsy?

  2. Hello! Are you referring to number 5? That one is Velvet Owl :)

  3. Love the styles you've chosen. #8 is very classy.

  4. awww the hats you are showing are lovely!