Monday, 15 February 2010

The Big 50s Style Wedding Shoe Post!

I must admit I think I have deveoped a serious shoe fetish researching for this post. I found it hard to narrow my choices down, which is why I have shown rather a large selection!

50s wedding shoes

When choosing shoes to go with your 50s style wedding dress there are a few paths to consider taking. Think Mary Janes, peep toe styles, bows and polkadots to take that retro styling right from head to toe.

You can add a bit of personality with detailing such as vintage style bling or rockabilly style skull print. You may also consider matching your shoe colour with your sash and petticoat for a stunning contrast to your dress.

Retro wedding shoes

1 BananaShoes Limited, 2 Love Your Shoes, 3 Love Your Shoes, 4 Schuh, 5 John Lewis, 6,7 & 8 Schuh, 9 Love Your Shoes, 10 BananaShoes Limited, 11 BananaShoes Limited, 12 John Lewis, 13 Barratts, 14 Schuh, 15 Office Shoes, 16 Office Shoes, 17 Office Shoes

For spend savvy brides, you can get 10% discount at BananaShoes and Love Your Shoes until 31st March 2010. Just type in the code banana10 on checkout at BananaShoes, or enter the code LYOURSTEN at Love Your Shoes!

And for the ultimate in 50s 'stay on' innovation, check out the modern day Spring-O-Later at Bernardo Footwear!


  1. I LOVE the pink polkadot shoes in the picture at the top, any ideas where I can get them from.. they are gorgeous. TY x

  2. 50s wedding blog20 March 2010 at 13:57

    Hi, they were from Amazon but last year not sure if you can get them any more :(

  3. Oooh that is to bad. I was just about to ask the same thing. :-D

    Do you know where I could find polkadot shoes that will not cost me to much?

  4. 50s wedding blog31 March 2010 at 03:16

    Are you after hot pink?

  5. Hey,

    I own the shoes marked number 14 here, but in a different colour. They are remarkably comfortable for heels and i've trotted around all day in them - they do something strange so your weight gets pushed onto the heel, not the balls of your feet.

    they'd be perfect for a wedding where you;re on your feet all day.

  6. Have you seen Minna Parikka's shoes?

  7. I love all those shoes, but none will work for me.... BOO HOOOOO!!!!! HELP!!!! I am looking for PALE BLUE platforms or Pale blue regular high heels. I am sssooo tired of not finding anything. Can anyone help????????

  8. 50s wedding blog5 May 2010 at 07:16

    When I am stuck I usually head over to ebay, you can usaully find almost anything there! Had a very quick look and found some light blue peep toes item number 350320659979, good luck :)

  9. OMG the pink shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!

  10. I love the pink with dots shoes! They are so lovely!